BlueFlare’s focus is on research depth and independence. As many of the existing rating services crowdsource reviews from anyone, it is impossible to know if reviewers have investors’ best interest in mind. We make a legally binding statement that we never receive funds from, or invest in, ICOs that we cover. In addition, we conduct extensive Q&A with each management team to get deeper and expose more risk factors. For those investing under $1000 per ICO, existing free due diligence checks may be sufficient. For those investing over this amount per ICO, BlueFlare’s fee represents less than 2.5% of the investment amount and provides a more complete picture for decision making.

Much of each report’s content is sourced from direct Q&A sessions with the covered company’s management team. BlueFlare’s founders have a deep background in this type of due diligence, having been directors of valuation and brokerage at a leading online business brokerage firm. In addition, BlueFlare only begins the full due diligence process after a report is fully funded. Having 100+ interested investors financially backing a report grants us a much better line of communication to the ICO’s management team and community manager. In addition, this focus on Q&A takes time, with the average report taking over 15 hours to research and compile.

When you add a report to your cart, you will be directed to check-out using Ethereum as the payment method. Each report has its own Ethereum smart contract address. For this reason, you can only check out with one report at a time. On checkout, you can pay using Metamask or by copying the transaction details to your wallet/exchange of choice. You’ll notice that your report will have a very small random amount, called a dust amount, at the end of it. For instance, a .04 ETH report may come out to .04000351 ETH. This allows us to link your transaction to you on the blockchain. Please send the exact amount with the dust when paying. This makes the data unnecessary, although it’s a good habit to include as a backup if your payment source allows for the inclusion of data in your transfer. Once the payment is confirmed on the blockchain, your funding will automatically be registered and you will receive a payment confirmation email.

Each report has a guaranteed fulfillment date, which is generally 7 days after the end of the funding period. When a report’s funding goal is reached, BlueFlare begins work on the funded report. For funded projects, funding remains open until report delivery, so you can back a report that has already reached its goal to receive access to it when it is delivered. On the guaranteed fulfillment date, BlueFlare sends the report to every backer.

If a report funding goal is not reached by the end of the crowdfunding period, all funds are refunded to the wallets that they were sent from. This process is automated and we have no access to your funds at any time if the full funding goal is not reached. We set up an automatic job to trigger the smart contract when the funding timeline concludes, but anyone is free to call the smart contract at any time as well (hint: it won’t do anything until after the funding period is up).

Taking part in the funding of a successfully funded report grants you a license to view and print the BlueFlare report that you funded. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, you may not sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense or otherwise assign any rights to any BlueFlare report or related content.

Assuming report funding goals are met, we will send your report to the email address you used during the checkout process on blueflare.co. If you would like to change where the report is sent, please contact us at [email protected] In order to change the fulfillment address, you will need to email us from the email account on file or prove ownership of the associated ETH wallet with a microtransaction.

Your license is not transferable after the report is produced and sent. If you would like to change where the report is sent, please see the FAQ above “where will you send the report”. If you would like to discuss bulk licensing/reselling please contact us at [email protected]

Yes, our referral system is open to anyone and you are automatically enrolled when you sign up for a free BlueFlare account. After you sign-in, you’ll see your referral link under your account dashboard. For each report purchased through your referral link, we’ll send you a voucher for one free report.